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3 weeks in Perth and falling off the wagon

31 Oct

Happy birthday to both our sisters!

Our perth leg of the trip kicked off with a bang with me attending a gourmet bbq at Cara’s place and Matt catching up with the boys for beers, marking the beginning of the wheels of the sober-and-sane wagon coming completely unravelled.¬† Some of my Perth highlights include…
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Melbourne – The Nullabor – Perth

7 Oct

Lets drive from Melbourne to Perth. Sounds fun, right? Sounds like something different, right? What an adventure, right? Going “outside the square”! Mmm. ¬†Well you certainly realise how mighty big this country is that we live in. And the number of grey nomads who have decided to escape the grandkids and go on a trek around oz in their campers.

6 days we took to drive from Melbourne to Perth but you could easily do it in 4. Here’s a run-down of our journey…

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