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Melbourne – The Nullabor – Perth

7 Oct

Lets drive from Melbourne to Perth. Sounds fun, right? Sounds like something different, right? What an adventure, right? Going “outside the square”! Mmm.  Well you certainly realise how mighty big this country is that we live in. And the number of grey nomads who have decided to escape the grandkids and go on a trek around oz in their campers.

6 days we took to drive from Melbourne to Perth but you could easily do it in 4. Here’s a run-down of our journey…

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Hola amigos!

1 Oct

Ok first entry so be kind.

SO.  Leaving melbourne…

Sad.  Cold.  Sad. Didnt want to say goodbye.  Sad.  Lets drink.  Saaaad.

I’ve always said Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities.  It doesn’t matter what your interests are – sport, art, music, shopping, gastronomy, el vino tinto (my personal fave) – they can be fulfilled in m-town. 

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