Hola amigos!

1 Oct

Ok first entry so be kind.

SO.  Leaving melbourne…

Sad.  Cold.  Sad. Didnt want to say goodbye.  Sad.  Lets drink.  Saaaad.

I’ve always said Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities.  It doesn’t matter what your interests are – sport, art, music, shopping, gastronomy, el vino tinto (my personal fave) – they can be fulfilled in m-town. 

People are friendly, public transport is convenient, there’s a bar on every corner (and down every creepy dark alley) and daylight savings is in effect for 6 months of the year. Not to mention one of my favourite things to do was my grocery shopping on a Monday night at 9pm (Perth curmudgeons take note), particularly after a harsh Crossfit workout.

HOWEVER. My time in Melbourne also lent me to the discovery that I am fundamentally solar powered.  I need sun.  Lots of it.  Not necessarily warm weather.  But SUNSHINE melbourne, SUNSHINE.  And so in the need to refuel my vitamin D levels, the big dream of travelling through South America began to take shape… after an enormous amount (read: absolutely zero) of trying to convince my travelling vagabond partner, MC, we put together the grand plan…. drive back to perth across the nullabor, then visit his family in the UK, then head to Buenos Aires.  Yeah.  We’re that complex.

Saying goodbye was super hard.  I’ll miss eating copious amounts of cheese and inhaling chocolate with my fave blonde roomie Ronno and staggering out of Electric Ladyland at some ungodly hour with Courts & crew.  And I’ll really miss meeting MC far too often for THE BEST oysters in town at the Richmond Oyster Bar, which was also the destination for dinner and far too many shots for our very last night in town – Hi Caleb, Hi Josh – err, sorry about the mess… and the hangover you likely suffered on saturday…

But while there is very much that i’ll miss, what i wont miss is working, nor the cold night air that bites your face off.

Its time for something different; the new chapter has arrived.

So.   Hasta leugo Melbourne.

x kel

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