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Merry Chimbas from Mendoza

30 Dec

Heading over the Andes from Santiago the road climbs to over 3500m, looking back down the Chilean valley the tangled tarmac resembles a pile of spaghetti. Perspective is altered by the enormous peaks still towering over us, the highest stands at nearly 7000m, their great size fooling our brains into thinking we could almost reach out and touch them.

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San Martin de los Andes to Pucon. Bloomin’ lovely.

23 Dec

After going grey in Bariloche (not I might add, the affect of 2 months travelling together, nor borne of any grave concerns of mine over the wellbeing of the afore-mentioned hire car, but more a slow accumulation of the ever present volcanic ash) it was time to head a couple of hours north in the Argentine Lake District to San Martin de los Andes… Charming in a chocolate box way, the town resembles a litle slice of Switzerland with it’s log cabins, manicured gardens and over flowing flower boxes.

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A fair ol’ hike to Bariloche.

17 Dec

What’s black and white and red all over? Kelly rae – the chinstrap penguin getting sunburnt all the way to Bariloche.

Jumping off the MS Expedition ship and the humps poking out front a clear sign we’d been a little heavy handed at the ship’s buffet dinners (never mind about the vodka), we yearned to get the legs moving again.

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Happy Birthday Nana & Pa

16 Dec

Today, December 16, my Nana turns 85. The excitement of this continues with my Pa celebrating his on December 24. To my beautiful grandparents, a small blog post all for you…

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Things you shouldn’t call a baby clothing store…

15 Dec

Life in the freezer

11 Dec

Ok, so MC has hailed you already with his divinely-worded, dramatic tale of life at sea… so now all that is left for me is to regale you with a snippet of the kel-lights – the highs and the lows – of my time in the freezer.
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Antarctica. General, Impression, Size, Shape.

11 Dec

Here’s something I hadn’t come across from my land-lubbing years in the Cotswolds and Perth’s northern suburbs:

G I S S – it’s an acronym for identifying objects at sea – Warships in times of war, and now for us, Wildlife around the Antarctic peninsula.

General Impression Size and Shape.

From the first couple of hours on board the good ship MS Expedition I began to think perhaps of the G.I.S.S. of our seas to come…..

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