About Us

Our story in short…
We met at work in Perth, tried the “just friends” thing for a few years, then Kel moved to Melbourne and a year later Matt gave chase. After a happy (but cold) year together in Australia’s most liveable city, we decided to escape the mondayitis and chase the sunshine round the globe. So, we dropped the jobs, sold a car, ebayed our goods, and bought a one-way ticket out of Oz.
Yes folks. It really is that easy.
We wanted very much to be able to keep in touch with family and friends while we’re away and found perhaps the best way to let you know about our vagabonding would be via vagablogging.  And hence, ‘Words from the View’ was born…

A little bit more…
So that everyone is on the same page, we thought we’d take the key questions we’ve been asked recently about our trip and pop the answers here for all.

How long will you be away?
Welllll how long is a piece of string, as the Irish say.  The plan is to be away for 12 months. However, neither of us have good track records for keeping to our plans.  We like to think of ourselves as the cool ‘roll-with-the-punches’ kind of personalities (doesn’t everyone?) so it really comes down to when we run out of funds or get tired of living out of suitcases backpacks.

And just where do you think you’re going?
So after leaving Melbourne, first stop is driving back to Perth across the Nullabor for time with Kel’s family and friends, then we’re off to the UK for a couple of weeks to see Matt’s family and friends (stopping in Singapore on the way for 3 days).
THEN we’re headed on a first economy-class flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We hope to spend 6 months in South America travelling through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Columbia. Then a month or so in Cuba and somewhere round the Carribbean.  Before finally finishing with a cheeky few months somewhere in Europe.

How are you funding the trip?
Please choose the correct answer from one of the following:
a. Matt won $75,000 on the ol’ Scratch’n’win ticket.
b. Kel sold a kidney (Matt’s) on the black market
c. We sold our souls to the devil
d. We saved and sold our car/furniture/belongings
e. All of the above

Why did you decide to go on such a long hiatus?
Because travel is fun. Because travel is challenging. Because travel broadens your mind and your imagination, makes you want to get out bed in the mornings, reminds you what’s important in life and changes how you see yourself and how you perceive the world. Bit too corny?  Ok, because 4 weeks a year for holidays is not enough. Because we want to and because we can!

What are you taking with you?
Definitely all the basics – we’ve got big backpacks, a Kelly-proof camera (its waterproof, freeze proof, and shock proof), an Acer netbook, an iPod with too many Bon Jovi songs, some hiking boots, and clean socks and jocks.

How do you think you two will go travelling together?
Perfectly matched. Kel will do most of the planning and the research, and anything else that involves significant use of current technology and electronics or being able to speak the language of ‘today’s youth’.
Matt will take on the responsibility of all passport holding, documentation safe-keeping, and map reading. He will also take on the responsibility of finding the evening’s booze because his wine standard is the higher of the two of us — it just makes sense.
Both are committed to meeting lots of new people, seeing lots of exciting things, jamming each day to the brim, staying safe and above all, remaining good to each other.

Can we come meet you?
Of course!  Keep in touch with us via the blog or on Facebook to find out where we happen to be and then link up! The easiest and cheapest options for all of us is Skype. Our Skype name is mattykrae.
Alternatively drop us an email (they’re listed on our facebook pages, not here – got to steer clear of spammers) or send us a text. Note, both our mobiles have international roaming but please don’t call (its expensive for us too).  Send a text and we’ll respond (that is, if we have reception wherever we are!).

Would love to see you for a cheeky drink somewhere abroad!

x Matt & Kel

One Response to “About Us”

  1. Sam HP July 15, 2012 at 3:17 am #

    I’m interested to know who actually writes the blog posts – Matt or Kelly?
    I’m really impressed with the literary standard – does our scribe have a background in writing or journalism?

    This is very neat and well-constructed prose from a talented author.

    Kudos to you!

    P.S. In response to the rhetorically-posed question at the opening of paragraph three: twice the length from the middle to the end.

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