3 weeks in Perth and falling off the wagon

31 Oct

Happy birthday to both our sisters!

Our perth leg of the trip kicked off with a bang with me attending a gourmet bbq at Cara’s place and Matt catching up with the boys for beers, marking the beginning of the wheels of the sober-and-sane wagon coming completely unravelled.  Some of my Perth highlights include…

  • Soaking up some rays with morning walks along Scarborough beach.
  • Delicious, wine-soaked lunch at The Pickled Fig with my mama bear, and a completely useless waitress.
  • The Hens & Bucks do’s on Saturday, Oct 15 – MC got a few epic bruises at paintballing before heading to a bbq (and definitely no strippers) at Leigh’s place, while I went to a night painting the town red with the ladies in Northbridge.
  • Thinking I was a cool cat for winning Pin the Lips on the Stripper at the Hen’s do, only to be outshone by an epic win of ‘Mould the Penis’ out of playdough by my darling, innocent, little sister.

  • Gate-crashing the bucks do at 4am with Teepee & the Poodle after inhaling too many jager & red bulls, only to find my dad lying horizontal on a car bonnet (requiring the groom to walk him home), MC’s shirt covered in Nivea body moisturiser (definitely no strippers), and a bunch of blokes scoffing pizza and reminiscing about the good ol’ days.
  • One of us helped the Poodle & JD move into their new pad the day after the hens/bucks dos.  The other one went for a boozey lunch with Krissy and Bean at Il Lido. Guess who went where?
  • Watching my big bro get married to his sweetheart in a stunning do at Millbrook Winery.

  • Being able to have all of my best gals together again – Caz D, Teepee, Bean & Krissy – particularly for dinner at our ol’ Japanese fave, Tsunami.
  • Cheeky reunion dinner with gal pals from melbs Penni & Taiya at the delightful Ria, then ice-cream at Tutti Frutti.   Delish!
  • Quick plug – girls, get onto Pen’s business, Aussie Bombshell, for the best tan in WA!
  • MC blaming Mr Teale for slaughtering the garden’s retic, then remembering his vigorous airing of the lawn he’d done in previous days requiring him to take a large gardening fork, sticking it in the ground, standing on it and then giving it a swing back and forth.
  • MC and Teale planting pretty lavendar and rose bushes together in the front garden. Aw, guys.
  • Teale wearing foxy’s tail as a moustache after a few choice Jager shooters at the leaving bbq.
  • Sitting round the kitchen table with my family, gobbling down a couple of my dad’s infamous dishes, Osso Bucco and marinated ox tails. You just can’t pay for that kind of home-cooking or for such side-stitching laughter.
  • Sipping quality French champs and having a yarn with my mama bear.
  • Being able to give my sister, the Poodle, a cuddle and slosh back a frangelico shooter with her for her birthday.
  • A surprise reunion of the old band – POD, Kelly, Black.
  • Assisting teepee and brad to ‘clean up their cellar’ at a bbq with caz d, bean & blair.  Can’t imagine we made much of a dent in the wine, after scoffing down so much frangelico and chocolate liquor.

And of course the above is only my half of the experience in piece and even then I’ve barely even scratched the surface.  There was so much fun and laughter had with family and friends.  It is so good for the soul and am so thankful to each and every one of you for making so much time for us.

Really hope to be able to see some of you again in Europe next year.  Until then, stay safe and happy.  And.  Keep.  In.  Touch.

x kel

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