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Colonial beginnings…

28 Jan

Salta to Buenos Aires is 20 hours on a bus.  Usually dreaded, this time we enthusiastically bound up the stairs and sink into our leather seats (faux no doubt, but comfy so who cares), flipping the switch to swing out flat. Roaring along in the setting afternoon sun, I note the typically freezing air conditioner seems to be non-existent. About an hour after take-off we pull into a bus mechanic. Hmm, signs aren’t good, but we soon smile again when, after a bit of a tinker, we chug away. Dinner is lasagne, too bad for me, but I eagerly await the drinks tray arrival as my pre-trip planning told me el vino tinto is available. As he shows me the expanse of coke and lemonade, I turn back to Fidel’s autobiography (see birthday presents referenced in Mendoza post), cursing the fake promises made to lure tourists. Then, in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, I spot the bus attendant carrying a suspiciously un-fizzy dark liquid to a fellow passenger.

‘Tu tienes vino tinto..?’, I tentatively say.

‘Si, si’.

Success. Sniffed out faster than the banana dog at Perth airport.

And of course, Oliver Twist makes an appearance… ‘please sir, can I ‘ave sum more?’.

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5 things I learnt in Buenos Aires

27 Nov
  1. Pack. Lightly. Unless you gift your clothes to the cleaners often.
  2. Always carry tissues – toilet paper is scarce.
  3. My natural instinct is to go in the completely wrong direction.  Every.  Single.  Time.
  4. If you have to ask, you should do it. (ie. do I need a clean shirt, should I wear thongs in the shower?).
  5. Check the seat is attached before sitting down. This being learnt first-hand after a fair few bumps on the head from flying off toilet seats and a choice bruise after falling through a plastic chair. Ah, just another day in the life.

x kel

Using our skill sets in Buenos Aires

27 Nov

As outlined in the ‘About Us’ section of this blog, trip planning is meant to be my forte, MC navigation.  However, after a series of interesting events during our stay in BA, not quite sure I’d be awarded an A+  so far.

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Buenos Aires: we came, we saw, we walked.

27 Nov

BA is a really enormous city and as such the areas are quite distinctive.  The main ones are:

Microcenter (where we stayed the first three nights) – this is typical of any heart of a city – busy, jam-packed and a bit grubby.

San Telmo & La Boca – south of the centre, hippie areas with lots of character. They’re known for their antique stores, tango and big weekend markets. Some parts of La Boca are dangerous though.

Retiro, Recoleta & Palermo – north of the centre and are home to the upscale museums, shops and eateries.  We stayed in Palermo the last 2 nights and enjoyed the clean leafy streets.  It’s the Claremont of Perth.

We walked everywhere and a bunch of the sights we visited are listed below.  It made me smile every day because the sun is shining and it’s HOT (above 30C each day).  Plus the Jacaranda trees all over the city are blooming and shower the streets with their flowers.

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