Buenos Aires: we came, we saw, we walked.

27 Nov

BA is a really enormous city and as such the areas are quite distinctive.  The main ones are:

Microcenter (where we stayed the first three nights) – this is typical of any heart of a city – busy, jam-packed and a bit grubby.

San Telmo & La Boca – south of the centre, hippie areas with lots of character. They’re known for their antique stores, tango and big weekend markets. Some parts of La Boca are dangerous though.

Retiro, Recoleta & Palermo – north of the centre and are home to the upscale museums, shops and eateries.  We stayed in Palermo the last 2 nights and enjoyed the clean leafy streets.  It’s the Claremont of Perth.

We walked everywhere and a bunch of the sights we visited are listed below.  It made me smile every day because the sun is shining and it’s HOT (above 30C each day).  Plus the Jacaranda trees all over the city are blooming and shower the streets with their flowers.

  • Plaza de Mayo – in the center is the Piramade de Mayo, a small obelisk built to mark the first anniversary of BA’s independence from Spain.  Is also the site for much current protesting!

  • Casa Rosada – the ‘pink house’, an enormous mansion where politicians and other influential characters such as Eva Peron preached to throngs of impassioned Argentines.

  • Galerias Pacifico
  • Plaza San Martin
  • El Zanjon de Granados – an amazing architectural site, privately owned, and that took 18 years to restore. Feisty old Argentine guide topped it off, when she said no photos in front of the other attendants then quietly told me to take a few happy snaps as I ducked off to the loo.

  • Local tango show and markets at Plaza Dorrego – the main square in San Telmo.
  • Palacio Paz
  • Museo Evita – about Eva Peron’s (sadly short) life. Excellent museum and a fascinating story of a woman who empowered the working class. Married to the president, she never had an official position in government, but influenced the government enough to input many policies assisting the impoverished and the elderly, and improving the nation’s education and women’s rights. She died too young, aged 33.

  • Jardin botanica – we packed our lunch and ate in this beautiful city garden.
  • Parka 3 a febrario – filled with blooming jacaranda trees.
  • Recoleta cemetery – of which the best views were from the windows of the church, Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Pilar. Houses the grandest, most impressive statues and marble sarcophagi.  Crypts hold the remains of the city’s elite.

  • Plaza Intendente Alvear hosts a famous crafts fair and was where MC finally satisfied his sausage sandwich addiction, called choripan in spanish.

  • Floralis Generica
  • Museo Nacional de Bella Artes – a grand museum with a blend of beautiful artwork from the more well-known artists (Monet, Picasso) with local Argentine talent.

x kel

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One Response to “Buenos Aires: we came, we saw, we walked.”

  1. father bear November 29, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    Just caught up with your blog. I’ve been too busy cleaning up after your last visit until now!
    Glad all is well on your adventure.
    News from the UK:-
    Several local Cotswold pubs report a massive drop in income.
    Fire insurance premiums in the Brighton area have rocketed (get it?).
    Your surprise meal in Madrid reminds me of being with Ginge in Espana when he ordered chopitos expecting lamb chops (chuletas).Six of us were very surprised when a bucket load of chopped octopus arrived. Have fun and keep your wits about you.

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